Vexana Sang Necromancer Comes to Invade Land of Dawn in Latest Mobile Legends Updates

By | June 23, 2017

Vexana Sang Necromancer

Moonton again provides a new hero update on Mobile Legends! This time Vexana the Necromancer will haunt the Land of Dawn. Are you ready?

Finally Hero from the Philippines Becoming a Tough Mobile Legend Warrior!
Moonton is so cool! From fanart, Filipino hero Lapu Lapu was finally selected to be a new Mobile Legends fighter who has a formidable ability!

Vexana itself has a very interesting story background to be listened to. Told, in ancient times, long before the war in this Land of Dawn broke out, there was a small country, led by a kind and caring kings and queens. His people also appreciate them both. In addition, the small country also gets protection from the god of light, so that all can live in peace.

But below the world, there is a dark army called Dark Abyss. Their leader, the Dark Lord plans to invade the land of peace. The king of darkness sent their beautiful vampire queen, Alice to seduce the king. This method works, making the king captivated by Alice’s seduction. He now never takes care of his palace and no longer cares about the queen.

Vexana Sang Necromancer

Turning the heart of the king, making the queen go crazy, burning jealous fire. The queen finally meets the king of darkness, Dark Lord, asking that she be young and beautiful as ever. That is of course because the queen wants to pull back the heart of her husband. The queen was finally given a very strong syrup power.

After the event, the lives of the citizens are even more threatened. Every day in the royal residents, a young and beautiful maid girl suddenly disappeared for no reason. It made the people panicked. Day after day, the kingdom weakened and weakened. Apparently the girls were used as a sacrifice to increase the power of the queen’s magic gained from the Dark Lord.

Because the Dark Lord succeeded in defeating the king and queen with his deceit, finally the kingdom of the small country collapsed. No other sacrifice could be found in the country, the queen who was affected by the dark power also made him turn into a scary witch!

Vexana Sang Necromancer

Thousands of years of royal collapse have been missed and his name was erased from the ranks of history. His only legacy is the legend of the demon queen. Recently, there arose a great and frightening wizard, he is Vexana the Necromancer. It is unclear whether he is the demon queen or not, and the incident has long been happening and forgotten by society.

Necromancy itself is one of the curse-magic that deals with communication between the dead and the living world. This magician is called Necromancer. They are capable of summoning the soul or even reviving the dead. This magic is called black magic, which requires sacrifice as a ritual to perform its magic. Because it requires a victim, Vexana the Necromancer was hooked up with a demon queen who sacrificed the people to strengthen him.

What do the readers think? Do you also feel that the queen who was burning jealous fire and get the black magic ability is really deadly Vexana? Write your opinion in the comment field well! But from the background of the story, I am more and more curious as to what the Dark Lord who became the main antagonist in Mobile Legends this.

For more in knowing Vexana, do not forget to read the next page well! Because I will discuss more details about the capabilities of the new hero mage.

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