Special Hero Yeonhee Comes at Seven Knights Latest Update!

By | June 23, 2017

Special hero Yonhee

You popular RPG mobile game player Seven Knights? In the latest update of Seven Knights, there is an exciting new character: Special Hero Yeonhee!

Special Hero Yeonhee

Special Hero Yeonhee is the only female Hero among Ex-Four Lords. What is interesting about this character is that he is a sleeping hobbyist. Perhaps it was his habit that made his overall appearance look so soft and fragile.

But do not underestimate him because of his habits and physical appearance. He has a number of skills that can help in battle. Includes skills to make it immune to all attacks, improve accuracy, passive skills that reduce opponent’s defense, and other powerful skills.

Overall, based on these descriptions Yeonhee appears to be an interesting Hero.

Other Update

But not only is Yeonhee the beautiful sleeping princess just to be noticed in this latest update. Overall, Seven Knights also gave a massive increase in the game.

Now, players can do Rank Up, Fuse, and Transcend from level 1, which previously was only possible when the Hero reached level 30.

The next change is on Hero / Pet Find Rate Boost Up. Previously, this feature was only available for a certain period. If you feel confined, you can be excited because now the feature can be enjoyed for 24 hours. Now, players can have a chance to try to get the Hero and Pet they want.

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How to get those gifts? You just stay logged in. It’s easy, is not it?

Is the discussion about the latest update of the Seven Knights attracting you? Maybe you want to try it? Then just check the links below, according to your phone’s operating system. Seven Knights can be downloaded and played free via the link below.

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