Roger Becomes Mobile Imago Hero Legends Complete with Six Skills

By | June 23, 2017

The new Mobile Legends Mobile Hero falls on Roger, a muscular uncle who is good at using this pistol to have six deadly skills that harm your enemy!

Finally Hero from the Philippines Becoming a Tough Mobile Legend Warrior!
Moonton is so cool! From fanart, Filipino hero Lapu Lapu was finally selected to be a new Mobile Legends fighter who has a formidable ability!
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Curious who the hero of Mobile Legends is now? If I had to answer, the answer was of course Roger. He is a new hero who will be a combination of Fighter and Marksman first in Mobile Legends. This unique design alone makes Roger has six, similar mechanisms from the previous hero, Lapu Lapu. Before I discuss the six skills that Roger has, as always I will explain the background of his story first.

Roger is said to be a hunter who lives outside the dark forest, somewhat east of the exile of Megalith (residence of Hilda). He has a lot of experience in hunting, even he lives to hunt. There are so many dangerous beasts living in the forests of darkness, and some of them are dangerous are not mystical rare creatures, but an old wolf named White Tooth.

Oh yes, White Tooth itself is the king of the wolves. He has hundreds of wolf troops who obey him. When associated with other characters, he is likely the main enemy of Ruby. In addition White Tooth is also influenced by evil forces that evoke magical abilities within him.

Hero Imba Mobile Legends

As beasts, they are also living beings, needing food. To meet their needs, he eventually hunted other living beings to be used as food. A collection of wolves finally embarked on a hunt outside the dark forest, ambushing the travelers on their way. As a result, many people are the victims of this wolf group’s ferocity.

As a person who has a spirit of justice, Roger finally moved to investigate it. He has a plan to remove people’s anxiety by killing the wolf king, eventually trying to track down the whereabouts of White Tooth.

Roger’s effort was worth it, he managed to find White Tooth. At that time the king of a wolf was pouncing on a small child, out of wrath, Roger finally pierced White Tooth’s belly until his stomach opened. Roger manages to kill White Tooth the evil wolf king filled with evil forces. But the evil forces of White Tooth do not disappear, instead of contaminating Roger.

Hero Imba Mobile Legends

Despite having the most pure heart among other hunters, a man who never abandoned the evening prayer was unable to avoid the curse of the wolf king’s power. When the full moon arrives, Roger is able to change shape into a jejadian creature, werewolf! With a call from the moon, Roger was shocked to learn that the old legend that turned someone into a wolf was true.

As a human being capable of transforming into a ferocious wolf, Roger finally decided to leave home. He left his whole family, disappeared into the Land of Dawn, so that his wife and children would not be victimized by himself.

From his appearance, Roger is an old hunter who has a sturdy body. On his chest, there were wounds from beasts, most probably from the dark forest. He uses firearms against his enemies. In a precarious state, he is capable of turning into a werewolf, jumping in the desired direction. This ability is also very useful to hunt down the enemy.

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