Quick Tips Level Up in 5 Popular Games Android!

By | June 23, 2017

Tips on leveling up android games

Again play Legacy of Discords, 8Ball Pool or Top Eleven? Here are tips on leveling up and getting good at quickly from Duniaku.net!

During Ramadan, ngabuburit while playing games would be an exciting thing. Especially if you are “competing”, fight prestige with your friends to raise the level of characters in the game.

Central to #SalipLevel racing with your friends in this month of Ramadan? Lucky you read Duniaku.net, because we will give you leaked tips level up and be good at the following 5 popular mobile games!

1Legacy of Discords
Salip Level Tips Upgrade Android Game Level

Battle Rating (BR) is a marker of “prestige” between one player and another player in this game. Of course you are wondering, how fast is it to get the highest BR in this game? One effective way is to join the Guild. The better Guild you choose to join, the greater your chances of getting cool items, including a significant increase in BR.

Includes obtaining material for fuse. By joining the Guild, your chance to get better material for fuse is also getting bigger. After finding the right Guild, then you should pay attention to your Equipment. Your upgrading will also determine your success in the fight, and make your BR increase more rapidly.

To upgrade Equipment, you can pay attention to the following things.

Focus up Equipment level up to maximum one by one.
Reforge Equipment becomes a weapon, ring or necklace to make your attacks more deadly.
28Ball Pool
Tips Level Up Android Game

To become a champion and level up faster in 8Ball Pool, here are some things you should look at.

Open the app every day to get Spin and Win. Sometimes you can get a Mystery Box that contains components to make a better Cue.
Buy a better Cue. This is an instant way to improve your playing skills, because with a better Cue you can hit the ball faster, control the ball better, to increase the time to “think” before hitting. The more you play, the more Cue you can buy.
Use the help of objects to “extend” aiming. You can use a piece of paper to extend it, so you know exactly where the ball will move.
3Top Eleven 2017
Tips Level Up Android Game

Getting high-rated players is not the only way to make your team great and can win every game. But there are some other tips you can notice, such as:

Make sure the players in the line up you put in the formation in accordance with their original position. An Attacking Midfielder who has the original position in the middle certainly will not be able to play well if you put on the left or right.
Choose the right player for Set Piece. For example, you can choose Midfielder / Attacking Midfielder to take a free kick, or a striker to kick a penalty.
Adaptation with opponent formation and strategy. Try to pay attention and first analyze the opponent’s formations and strategies, and take advantage of the weak side. For example, if the opponent has a weak player in the left defense, then attach the attacker with a large attack force on the right side.

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