Gatotkaca Will Appear as Indonesian Hero in Mobile Legends!

By | June 23, 2017

Hero indonesia on mobile legends

After the heroes from China, South Korea and the Philippines now Moonton will present hero in Mobile Legends loh! Curious?

Finally Hero from the Philippines Becoming a Tough Mobile Legend Warrior!
Moonton is so cool! From fanart, Filipino hero Lapu Lapu was finally selected to be a new Mobile Legends fighter who has a formidable ability!

Mobile Legends is very popular in Indonesia today. No doubt the developers also pay attention to our country by giving a gift that is Hero Indonesia in Mobile Legends. Previously when Lapu Lapu was chosen to be a new character, some gamers in Indonesia also had some suggestions to release heroes based on legends or myths in Indonesia.

Many design heroes from Indonesia are mentioned, but only one character that seems to attract Moonton is Gatotkaca. The character of Gatotkaca itself comes from wayang puppets in Indonesia, is the son of Bima or Werkudara, one of Pendawa Lima. Actually this character itself is not original from Indonesia, but from India called Gatotkatcha.

But the story of the journey from Gatotkaca from Mahabarata series and Javanese puppet is different. If in the true story he is a giant, then in the story of Javanese puppet, Gatotkaca is a powerful child who has a body as strong as iron! Even when born, the umbilical cord can not be cut with a normal weapon!

Hero indonesia on mobile legends
Gatotkaca from Garudayana comic done by Is Yuniarto
Told Gatotkaca young dubbed Tetuka has a thick body that gets hit, it gets stronger. He was also thrown into a friend Candradimuka, while given a lot of ultimate weapons of the gods. Himself and the weapons merged into one, forming a much stronger body! He was rewarded with some magical heirlooms that allowed him to fly,

His nickname is “Muscle Wire, Balong Wesi” which means having a muscle as strong as a wire and bone as hard as iron. Judging from his nickname, Moonton could have made him a Tanker hero. But because it has a powerful ability, he can also be a Fighter anyway. It could be Gatotkaca is a Tanker / Fighter like Balmond and Hilda.

Hero indonesia on mobile legends

Until now the Moonton still has not provided more information, about the design, concept, and also the ability of Gatotkaca. Even so, we just wait for the good news well! Hopefully Hero Indonesia in Mobile Legends can be a means to introduce Indonesian culture more. Hehe.

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