Well, Now You Can Play Dragon Ball Game with Virtual Reality!

By | June 24, 2017

Some time ago, Nintendo Switch introduced an interesting motion controls feature for Xenoverse 2 game. The reason, the feature makes you feel like Goku when moving Goku. You can move your hand or pose like Goku who launched Kamehameha or changed into Super Saiyan. Unfortunately, playing Dragon Ball in the Nintendo Switch is only limited to issue a moment and change shape. Well, if you want to feel the sensation of being a real Dragon Ball character again, why not just try virtual reality for this Dragon Ball this one?

Namco Bandai reportedly will open an entertainment center in Shinjuku next month under the name VR ZONE. They targeted this entertainment to be the world’s first VR (virtual reality) entertainment park. Lots of games that can be played using VR in VR ZONE, ranging from Mario Kart, Neon Genesis Evangelion, to Dragon Ball. You can see a promotional video for VR ZONE via video below:

Unfortunately, in the video we have not shown how the game Dragon Ball VR this later. All we know, we can play Dragon Ball VR by being one of the characters of the series (most likely in the video is Son Goku) and launch Kamehameha like Goku in anime or manga. In addition, see how the equipment and tools are used and the gameplay of some other games, it seems VR ZONE will be very fun to visit.

VR ZONE itself is said to be opened on July 17, 2017 in the upcoming Shinjuku. Even so, you can book tickets starting on June 16 through their official website. If you want to feel how to be a Dragon Ball character, it would not hurt you to visit Shinjuku. However, if you are short of budget to go to Japan, you can still enjoy Dragon Ball with VR, really!

Around last April, Mega House announced a Capsule Corporation VR headset. With this headset, you can use your mobile phone to experience the world made by Akira Toriyama more closely.

The price of Capsule Corporation VR itself is priced at $ 110 (about 1.5 million rupiah) and is scheduled for release this month in Japan. Or if you really do not have the budget to buy this VR, you can try practicing Kamehameha out in the real world using this theory.

Are you interested to visit VR ZONE and play Dragon Ball game using VR? Say your opinion in the comment field yes!

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