Tips Beat Estes, The Strongest Healer in Mobile Legends

By | June 23, 2017

Always lose when the enemy uses Estes as the team’s main healer? Do not be afraid, because we have a solution to beat Estes optimally in Mobile Legends.

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The presence of Estes makes teamfight more solid in Mobile Legends. You could say he is the best support hero, because heal ability he has very high. If there is Estes who leads a teamfight, then most likely they will be superior to the team without Estes in it.

This makes some players a bit difficult to win the game if you have to deal with Estes. For that we will help you with tips to beat Estes.

Get to know Estes

To beat Estes, we need to get to know him deeper first. It is a support hero that has two HP restore skills. It also has a skill area that provides little magical damage and also a slow effect. Estes is a supporter of the team in doing ganking. Because of the heal ability that he possesses very strongly, fighting enemies against other team members is useless.

Once the enemy uses all the skills to a tanker or fighter, Estes will give heal, return all their lost HP. After that, the resistance is done to enemies who do not have active skills anymore. That was Estes’s most perfect ganking system.

There are two types of heal to watch out for:

Moonlight Imersion: This skill provides a fairly high heal. Initial skill used will cure 200 points HP then for 3 seconds giving regeneration 250 points.
Blessing of Moon Goddes: This ultimate skill heals all party members around Estes, including himself. The total heal given by Estes is 1080 HP.
You need to note also this heal skill can be used together to a hero. So when you fight a hero that is in Estes’s support, you better look for other hero targets or escape first.

The downside of Estes

To beat Estes, you need to know in advance what the weakness of Estes is. Here is a weakness of Estes:

HP and defense of Estes is very small, it also does not have a high maneuverability, making it easy to hunt down his enemies.
Moonlight Imersion Skill only gives heal to one person only. So when Estes gives heal to other heroes, then that’s your chance to hunt Estes.
Estes does not have the magic ability that produces high damage. His presence can also damage a team’s dealership damage.

A suitable Hero is used to beat Estes

Of the various weaknesses of Estes, here is a suitable hero used to defeat him:

Balmond: One of the main drawbacks of Estes is Balmond. When critical, Balmond can give Lethal Counter to finish off Estes, before he does heal.
Vexana: Vexana’s superiority is able to defeat many enemy heroes gathered quickly. For every hero who has his curse marks, it will explode (give high magic damage) when killed.
Moskov: As a marksman with penetration ability, Moskov has an advantage when enemies coincide. Using Spear of Death, Moskov can get Estes-led teams to experience stuns, making it easier to eliminate many enemies at once.

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