Tips 4 Premium Game It Can Help You Quickly Rescue The Game!

By | June 23, 2017

Want to quickly finish Amazing Spider-Man 2? Or want to make a tough team in Football Manager Mobile 2017? You should follow these premium game tips below!

In addition to a lot of flooded with free games, Google Play Store also provides a lot of premium games alias paid to download it. Most of these paid games are single-player games that are not competitive, so the only way if you want to “show off” prestige to your friends who play the same game, maybe is how fast you finish it, or how many percent achievement you get .

Well, here are some tips on playing popular premium games sold on the Google Play Store. Guaranteed by following these tips, you can play the games below are better than your friends!

1Bloons Supermonkey 2
Premium android game tips

Same with other em up games like Raiden, the monkey’s movement in this game is very important for your success in completing the level. You can move the ape by touching the keranya and dragging it to the other side of the screen. But it could be a problem if your finger is too big to cover the screen quite a lot.

Well, there is another way to move the monkey easier, ie tap any area on the screen. The ape will immediately move to the point where you tap earlier. The sooner you determine where the ape moves, the sooner he will avoid and get a good position to attack.

The next tip you can do is to choose weapons. Advice from, try at least one weapon that fires forward, and one weapon that can shoot in the other direction, either backward or horizontally. Including when upgrading, if you can share the upgrade evenly to every type of weapon you have. Do not just focus on one type of weapon only.

2The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Premium android game tips

For those who are fans of Spider-Man games, then certainly not familiar with the gameplay in this game. Yep, hanging from building to building becomes one of the vital skills that you must have so you can good at playing this game. Do not hesitate to practice the skill hanging in the city in the midst of you completing the mission. Especially when the initial missions that can still be solved quite relaxed.

In addition, there are some other tips you can consider when playing this game, such as:

Be more careful about the environment. Yep, sometimes there are hints or mysteries hidden in the city. While hanging, take the time to stop and be more careful about your surroundings.
Do not overuse your opponents frontally. It would be better if occasionally when facing your opponent more sneak, and kill one by one enemy. In addition to more fun, confronting the enemy with clandestine sometimes gives you extra points.
Focus on defense, especially against boss. By surviving, you can see first what the pattern of attack from the boss, and give you a few seconds to determine what kind of attack patterns you can launch.

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