Supercell Announces New Game of Mobile Legends Competitors!

By | June 23, 2017

Brawl Stars

One of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies, Supercell, has just announced its latest game called Brawl Stars.

Who are mobile game enthusiasts but do not know who Supercell is? The company that made the legendary game Clash of Clans and Clash Royale has just announced their latest game today (15/6) 2017 named Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars is game 3 against 3 (3v3) in an arena. The goal is simple, work with your teammates and get crystal from your opponent as much as possible. This game is practically a MOBA game (Massive Online Battle Arena) with the design and visual Supercell typical.

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Not to forget because this game is a smartphone game, it can be concluded that this is a competitor Mobile Legends. Will Supercell dominate the fight against other MOBA games that are on for smartphones? Let’s see more details about the gameplay.

Through a tournament event organized by Supercell, we see some famous names that have previously been involved in other Supercell games like Chiefpat, Galadon, and Nickatnyte.

In the hour-long video, it appears that each team first chooses the hero they want to use. Then they fight for as many crystal or gems as they appear continuously in the center of the map. However, the opposing team will not be that easy to give an opportunity to take it alias you have to fight to fight it.

Just like any other MOBA, each hero has their own special abilities. You can upgrade each hero with the prizes you get when you play. There are even attractive skins for each hero.

The modes are Smash & Grab mode. There are three other modes:

Bounty: Collect as many stars as possible by defeating your opponent.
Heist: Destroy an opponent’s protected box or keep your own box from destruction. You have only a few minutes.
Showdown: 10 players put in one arena. The player who stands the ultimate winner.

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