Play Guess the Online Pictures from Your Own Drawings in Gambol!

By | June 23, 2017

Gambol or Gambar Online is a picture guess game made by K & T and has officially released on June 12, 2017 on PlayStore and Apps Facebook. In contrast to other existing image guess game, this one title has its own uniqueness that you can draw at will!

How to play this game is easy enough, you will enter into a room with several other players. Each player will get a turn to draw with a clue or instructions provided by the system automatically. The other player is the one who has to guess from your own drawing, and so on.


This game will sharpen your brain and your imagination, because you have to change the vocabulary or the instructions given into the picture. In addition, you must also be thorough and have extensive knowledge in order to guess the image of someone else’s work.

K & T makes this game with the aim that Gambol can become an intermediary to convey about the culture and everything that exists in Indonesia, through the vocabulary or guidance given later can be transformed into a picture by the players.

We can make something exciting or interesting with things and culture that we can find everyday in Indonesia. K & T also hopes that later, Gambol can become a new trend and win one of the mobile game games in the homeland.


Gambol can be downloaded and you play, especially for Android users through PlayStore. While you are not using Android, then do not be discouraged, because Gambol can still you play through Facebook Apps.

For Android users you can download here

Whereas if you want to play through the web and Apps Facebook, please go to the web here

You can play with your friends, and guess each other pictures and draw together. Test your skills in Gambol! Be a good painter as well as a reliable image guesser here.

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