How To Beat Freya, Hero One on One Best To Date In Mobile Legends

By | June 23, 2017

This time I will discuss how to beat Freya in Mobile Legends. The only hero in Mobile Legends who has to pay with the rupiah to be able to own it is Freya. It is a Fighter hero that you can get by making in-game payments (using dollars), regardless of nominal. Yep, donate only about 15 thousand only, you can get this beautiful hero.

This Hero is known as a very powerful Fighter in the battle of one on one. It has high attack power from close range. Moonton designed this hero to be able to give normal attacks high, quickly, and give stun when attacked. Curious how to beat Freya?

How To Beat Freya

Freya’s First Introduction

Freya is a Fighter hero who fights using a shield and a sword. But make no mistake, he is not a Tanker but a true Fighter. When using his strongest ability called Valkyrie, his sword and shield combine into one, becoming a gigantic ax that has high damage power.

As a Fighter, Freya became the strongest one on one fighter. Equipped with various capabilities that support normal attacks, Freya is able to cripple many enemies instantly. Even they will die before they can move at all.

It is equipped with the ability to ambush from a distance called Wing of Faith. This ability can also be used to escape as a defense mechanism. While normal attacks can be increased using the ability Godspeed Strike, increase attack speed for 3 times the blow and give stun in the third blow.

The combination of Wing of Faith and Godspeed Strike is able to cripple almost all types of enemies (except Tanker). Usually Freya always look for opportunities by hiding behind the bushes. Freya’s main target is the Mage and Marksman who are often behind the line.

Know Freha’s weakness first

Since he has a high attack speed and deadly damage, of course many are asking how to beat Freya. Well, to find the hero who is able to handle it, we first analyze the weakness of Freya:

Freya only rely on normal attacks to be able to defeat his enemy.
Freya is weak against magic that gives burst damage.
The movement mechanism only focuses on the Wing of Faith and the range is not too far away. It makes a lot of crowd control skill and disable to be a weapon to defeat him.
Effective Hero to Defeat Freya

From researching weaknesses, effective Hero Mobile Legends to defeat Freya include:

Karina: She has an immune skill against normal attacks, thus making her able to survive Freya attacks. In addition Freya was very weak against the magic, so Karina could easily kill Freya.
Natalia: Just like Karina, Smoke Bomb owned Natalia makes her immune to normal attacks. It makes Freya can not move when fighting Natalia from even close range.
Franco: If both have balanced equipment, then Brutal Masacre will completely shut down Freya’s steps. So other team members can beat him together.

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