Guide Emblem Mobile Legends, Choose the Best Emblem to Build Your Favorite Hero!

By | June 24, 2017

Emblem is a unique feature in Mobile Legends. Each emblem represents the various roles and styles of play that exist in this MOBA game. Which one do you need to upgrade? What is a suitable emblem for your favorite hero? Everything is on the Mobile Legends emblem guide following!

When I first played, an emblem was one of the elements in Mobile Legends that I did not really think about. Because indeed, emblems are less important factors in the early days we play. Because the difference given to your hero is not significant enough.

However, once you have entered the Masters rank up and the locked emblem is all open, the effect of the emblem has begun. Little by little, the additional stats provided by emblems in Mobile Legends are starting to make an impact. Now it’s time you start paying attention to the selection of the right emblems for your hero, and carefully choose which emblem you want to improve.

Then how? Let’s refer to the guide emblem Mobile Legends hero below!

1Register List and Stats Mobile Legends
Until now, there are eight sets of emblems in Mobile Legends that you can choose and upgrade. They are Physical Emblem, Magic Emblem, Tank Emblem, Jungle Emblem, Physical Assassin Emblem, Fighter Emblem, Magic Assassin Emblem, and Roamer Emblem.

Let’s have one by one emblematic Mobile Legends above:

Physical Emblem Set

Guide Physical Emblem Mobile Legends 1

Physical Emblem Set at level 60 has stats as follows:

+19.87 Physical Attack
+5.11 Armor
2.27% Critical Strike Chance
+249.63 HP
+ 3.25% Attack Speed
With stats like above, this emblem is suitable for heroes with outstanding physical attack attributes. Hero-heroes that require high physical damage and require additional armor such as Chou, Yun Zhao, Alpha, Balmond, and Sun can benefit most if given Physical Emblem Set.

Magic Emblem Mobile Legends 1

Magic Emblem Set at level 60 has stats as follows:

+13.82 Magic Power
+4.68 Magic Resistance
+ 5.02% Cooldown Reduction
+234.34 HP
+3.32 Magic Damage Reduction
All heroes that have the main attribute of magic basically match this set. If you often use magical heroes like mage or support, Magic Emblem Set is a safe choice. Hero-heroes like Eudora, Nana, Estes, Rafaela, Aurora, Kagura, Cyclops, and Gord fit the emblems of this set.

Tank Emblem Mobile Legends 2

Tank Emblem Set at level 60 has stats as follows:

+10.69 Armor
+10.69 Magic Resistance
+301.33 HP
+ 5.02% Cooldown Reduction
+5.63 HP Regen
From the name alone is clear enough yes. For those of you who like to use tanks like Hilda, Franco, Balmond, Tigreal, Akai, Minotaur, Johnson, and Lolita, Tank Emblem Set is obliged to get an upgrade.

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Jungle Emblem Set

Jungle Emblem Mobile Legends 2

Jungle Emblem Set at level 60 has stats as follows:

+ 6.71% Attack Speed
+16.25 Physical Attack
+8.12 Armor
+ 4.02% Movement Speed
+101.34 HP
+2.32 Magic Resistance
This is special for you who love jungling or farming. With the above attributes, you can more easily fight monsters in the forest and move from one lane to another to give the help of teammates.

Hero-hero marksman and hero who rely on basic attacks are best suited to use this set emblem because of the increased Attack Speed. Examples are Layla, Miya, Alucard, Clint, Yun Zhao, Yi Sun Shin, Natalia, Bruno, and Moskov.

Physical Assassin Emblem Mobile Legends 3

Physical Assassin Set at level 60 has stats as follows:

+12.94 Physical Penetration
+12.63 Physical Attack
+ 2.50% Critical Strike Chance
+19.68 HP
+ 2.01% Movement Speed
+ 5.02% Cooldown Reduction
Similar to the Jungle Emblem, this emblem set focuses more on the physical heroes who rely on skill (because of cooldown reduction) and narrow time to attack (physical penetration and critical strike chance).

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