Grakk The Devourer Becomes a Strong New Mobile Arena Hero!

By | June 23, 2017

You need a tanker hero with powerful crowd control skills? If so, then you need to witness the power of the new Mobile Arena hero, Grakk the Devourer! 5 Strongest Mobile Arena Hero It’s Ready to Use in Grand Opening Indonesia Version!
Mobile Arena just opened in Indonesia! After we try and weigh the various heroes that exist, here is the strongest hero of the current Mobile Arena!

The new Hero Mobile Arena is known for its brutality. Grakk is a fat butcher who has unlimited hunger. The food is the soul of living beings. He chained the souls of all his prisoners and tore the souls who tried to rebel.

Hero Mobile Arena new

Using his teeth, Grakk is able to torture those who try to fight him. But to get the ability that, he must pay the price is expensive. Now his body can not digest food other than the spirit itself. He must eat the spirits to relieve hunger, though the hunger itself never stops.

Grakk enlisted the help of Zhepys and Nakroth to overcome his hunger in peacetime. The first thing they do is harvest the spirits. At that moment, all the spirits successfully captured into Grakk food. When war broke out, in return for Grakk’s power, Maloch promised that Grakk could do whatever he wanted to any enemy he caught.

Hero Mobile Arena new

The war season is like the harvest season for Grakk. He preys all the souls of his enemies without stopping. It made him a war enthusiast. Every soul that he has eaten will increase his strength. The spirit he could not devour would be forced to become part of the Fallen to get more food for him. Since then Grakk is known as the predator.

From this story, I myself think that this Grakk character is inspired also by the hero of Heroes of Newerth named Devourer. Their nickname is the same, the predator. In addition to having similarities, the basic design of both are also similar that is a tanker that has the ability of crowd control by using “hook.” I think readers know “Pudge the Butcher” from the Dota series, is not it?

Hero Mobile Arena new

The new Mobile Arena hero design is also quite unique. Grakk has a large body. Even so big his body, there is a stitch wound that is open in the stomach. Kiki Grakk’s hand is no longer a meat, but a tool that has a hook that is associated with a long chain. This tool is able to shoot the hook to drag its prey.

Grakk himself used a unique shoulder and head protector, making himself look terrible in the eyes of his enemy. His thick body made him very fit to be a tanker. However Grakk itself can be a support hero or dealer damage, depending on team composition. But of all that, his role in the team remains the same as a crowd control.

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