Gatotkaca from Comic Garudaya Will Become a Legend Mobile Character!

By | June 23, 2017

Gatotkaca from Garudayana

Finally Gatotkaca from Garudayana, Is Yuniarto’s comic, officially became the next new Mobile Legends hero. Like what ya about the supernatural powers of this Indonesian hero?

In the previous article, I myself have reported that the hero from Indonesia that is Gatotkaca will soon be adapted into a hero for Mobile Legends. Moonton party also has provided some character design alternative from Gatotkaca. But the latest news, the design that was selected for the new hero Mobile Legends is Gatotkaca from Garudayana, Indonesian comics done by Is Yuniarto.

Gatotkaca Will Appear as Indonesian Hero in Mobile Legends!
After the heroes from China, South Korea and the Philippines now Moonton will present hero in Mobile Legends loh! Curious?

The presence of Gatotkaca from Garudayana, making the name of Indonesia increasingly known again by other countries. Moreover, the design of Is Yuniarto indeed leads to wayang kulit Indonesia. For as I have explained in the previous article, Gatotkaca itself is an adaptation of Ghattotkatcha from the Mahabharata series originating from India. The story adapted Indonesia into the story of wayang kulit performance.

Gatotkaca from Garudayana

Overview of Garudayana, is an adventure comic involving Gatotkaca as a supporting character. Yep, because the main character in this comic is Kinara, a treasure hunter and Garuda, the magical bird that accompanies him adventure. Setting his own time during the exile of the Pendawa, after their kingdom was seized by Kurawa and Sengkuni.

Gatotkaca is the son of Bimasena or Werkudara, one of Pendawa Lima. In his comic story, Gatotkaca is a half-man Ashura (giant). That’s why he has a very strong ability, much stronger than ordinary people. In addition his nickname is a knight of Pringgodani, has wire and bone muscle of iron. From his name alone has seen that he is an unbeatable figure.

In Garudayana, Gatotkaca is told to be an Ashura hunter. Lots of giants that have varied shapes that he defeated. One of the enemies he faced was Ashura Kalagni, a giant berelemen fire who tried to eat the egg Garuda Kinara found when he was adventuring.

Gatotkaca from Garudayana

When he met Gatotkaca, Kinara himself recognized him from the clothes he was wearing. In his chest there is a familiar symbol of a star, a knight that can fly, has wire and bone muscles, a living legend in Arkapada, Gatotkaca the knight of Pringgodani.

From the summary of this story, of course we can already guess how Gatotkaca from Garudayana is going to be a 3D rendering a la Mobile Legends. The first is from a unique star symbol, in the armor of the chest. Unique head and wing protectors, and a handsome face with a mustache and a beard.

Although already officially reported, the two sides have not provided more information about this new Mobile Legends hero from Indonesia. But according to Is Yuniarto, Gatotkaca who will appear as a new hero will be a “Tank.” In other words, I speculate that this Gatotkaca is a Fighter-Tanker like Balmond and Hilda.

As for the skill, until now there is no further information as well. Gatotkaca will soon become the next playable hero for Mobile Legends. He will become a legend representing the nation after Lapu Lapu from the Philippines.

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