Game Review: The Warriors

By | August 1, 2017

This article will discuss about Game Review in terms of ‘root’ it ya. This paper also as the implementation of the task Introduction Softskill Game Technology. Immediately, the game that I will discuss here is the title:

The game was originally for the PS2 (Playstation 2) platform but now it seems to have been created for the PCGame platform as well. Who does not know this game? Means certainly you guys console PS2 ya ya? Lol

Okay more, The warriors own gameplay is very easy, as this game may be in my opinion thieves theme, although maybe this game a lot of violence but still cool to make dimainin, not recommended for underage children. Gameplay that adopted 3rd person is telling how the gang alley that is in one city and have internal and external problem problem, well every each problem that will be a mission that must be natural player when playing this game.


Game The Warriors is a well-known developer, who does not know Rockstar? Doi who made GTA all series, lie if you guys do not know GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Rockstar Games is the developer of Grand Theft Auto video game and New York City-based publisher, owned by Take-Two Interactive. This brand is mostly known for Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne etc. He is famous for his gameplay that seemed free.

This game is not just the eyes made so just wrote. But this game is lifted from the film, calibaration has this movie titles are also the same that The Warrios release in 1979. Well that causes the gameplay and setting players in this game is very old, yes indeed representation of his film, see 1979 release year, how The making phrase? Lol. As I said above, this game is about the fight between the aisles. If you want to find his movie please aja kok kok kok out there (internet).

The Warriors movie is not just a movie that contains about boring scenes of battles. Based on movie rating sites sites on the internet obtained a high rating for this action genre, about 7.6 / 10. It proves that this film was sold in the market, so, let alone the game ?? Quite yes the background .. it’s time kulas game a little huh!

Story Line

Initially, the Warriors themselves formed Vermin and Cleon (the main character of the story). Little by little they do recruitment, yes kind of gang alley is pake recruit recruit let many members. Place or their domicile in Coney Island NY. Then one day they were all invited to attend the ceasefire meeting held by Riffs. Riffs are the strongest alleys in Coney island.

Well here was the start of the conflict, all the chaos due to the killing of Cyrus, Cyrus the leader of the Riffs. He was killed by leader Luther of Rogues. Rogues is also the same alley of warrior and riffs alike. Luther kills Cyrus with a gun but with his trick, Luther accuses Cleon of killing Cyrus. So this is the story begins .. where The Warriors will adventure to provide evidence that they are all innocent and stuck on the death of Cyrus.

The Warriors Character

The character of the existing character and setting time of time in this game adjusted for the year. You guys taulah first how gang alley. Weapons are also just baseball sticks, stones etc. The same difference that now can already use samurai etc. LOL!


Well above that character characters that we play in mission missions that we then later. The total number of missions to follow is 11 missions:

1. Payback

2. Blackout

3. Real heavy rep

4. Writers block

5. Adios amigos

6. Encore

7. Payi’n the cost

8. Destroyed

9. Boys n blue

Set up

11. All city

Each mission will have its extras at first, so from that every plot looks clear, it is advisable to watch the movie first, just play ginian, so going in and understand is all that is run ..

List Gang:

– Destroyers – this original alley from coney island (coney island)

– Riffs – the biggest gang in NYC controls everything, and is respected (manhattan)

– Furies – identic alley with baseball (manhattan)

– Rogues – a gang that is identic with punk, likes to make troublemakers (manhattan)

– Satans mother – a hard alley armed by a knife (brooklyn)

– Orphans – the alley of the young (the Bronx)

– Hi hats – a gang that keeps its territory (soho manhattan)