5 Strongest Mobile Arena Hero It’s Ready to Use in Grand Opening Indonesia Version!

By | June 23, 2017

Mobile Arena’s strongest hero

Mobile Arena just opened in Indonesia! After we try and weigh the various heroes that exist, here is the strongest hero of the current Mobile Arena!

Garena decision to bring Mobile Arena is very appropriate. This game has HD graphics that cool the eyes, and also presents a promising five-on-five battle! From the various options of the hero, I will conclude who is the strongest Mobile Arena hero that you can use to fight in various modes.

This game has been very successful in many countries, including Vietnam (in the title Lien Quan), Thailand (in the title of Realm of Valor), and eagerly awaited in South Korea (in Pentastorm title by Netmarble). So I myself have a lot of views in concluding who is the strongest Mobile Arena hero who just appeared in Indonesia this.

Instead of curious, we just discuss one by one the strongest hero Mobile Arena that you can buy at this time:

Mobile Arena’s strongest hero

Mganga is a Mage that is very close to the poison. As a Witch Doctor, he has the ability to poison the enemy to death instantly or help his friend. It is a hero that has the ability to adapt in all situations. When teamfight, he can give AoE poison attack. When a critical friend, his ability to provide heal.

His passive ability named Voodoo is very powerful. Thanks to that skill, all the attacks produced by Mganga will give poison that can be folded up to 5 times. The poison will provide magic-based damage per second. Surely those affected by this poison will suffer greatly.

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Mganga’s ultimate skill of Detonation is also his most powerful killer ability. This ability provides magic-based damage to the enemy while giving heal to friends. The effect of this ability will grow stronger by 50% of each stack (either toxic or heal) of the hero.

Until now Mganga is the strongest Mage, compared with other Mage type hero. The disadvantage is not having strong disable skill like stun or knock airborne (crashing).

Mobile Arena’s strongest hero

Another Mage that included the best Mobile Arena hero is Krixi. If Mganga focuses on the toxic ability he possesses, then Krixi depends on the combination of physical and magical attacks he has. He has a set of skills that are quite deadly, making the enemies do not move. But Frixi himself has a weak defense, so he needs the help of others to protect him.

Krixi has one very powerful disable skill called Nature’s Warth. This skill has an area effect, giving a magical attack giving the knock airborne to all the enemies that are in the circle. It can also directly use Mischief’s attacks, providing considerable damage to magic over a large area. All of these skills are perfect for team fight!

For his ultimate abilities, Moonfal inflicts three times damage to nearby enemies. Using the combination of these three active skill attacks, Krixi can easily cripple his enemy. Moreover, assisted by passive skills that make it run fast when using the skill, he became a very slick hero mage!

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