5 Hero Mobile Arena Has Capabilities Similar to Hero Mobile Legends

By | June 23, 2017

Confused to choose Hero Mobile Arena where you can master with a brief? If so, then this 5 Hero has a resemblance to Hero Mobile Legends! So you can learn faster.

Grakk The Devourer Becomes a Strong New Mobile Arena Hero!
You need a tanker hero with powerful crowd control skills? If so, then you need to witness the power of the new Mobile Arena hero, Grakk the Devourer! Some heroes Mobile Arena also has kempiripan with hero in Mobile Legends. Emang yes, as both are mobile-based MOBA games featuring five-versus five bouts. But actually both have a somewhat different game mechanism, even though the game basics are the same.

Despite the slight differences, we can still easily learn it. Well this time I will discuss about the hero of Mobile Arena which apparently has similarities with some hero in Mobile Legends. Yep, some of them have similar skills, so players can easily learn their style of play. Although not all skills they have the same anyway.

Immediately this is a list of some Mobile Arena heroes that have in common with the hero in Mobile Legends version of Duniaku.net:

1Zanis and Yun Zhao
Hero Mobile Arena

Zanis and Yun Zhao are both almost identical heroes. Both use the same weapon that is Dragon’s Spear. Their nicknames also resemble the Dragon for Zanis and Son of Dragon for Yun Zhao. In addition they both also look very similar in a fight. They have the ability to fight from close range quickly, their skills both also have similarities.

Zanis has the first skill called Blood Wyrm that gives buffs to himself, increases attack speed and moves and adds to his physical attacks. This skill is similar to Supreme Warrior from Yun Zhao which also increases attack speed and moves for a few seconds. When used both these skills also make them immune to slow!

Their similar capabilities are Dragon’s Wrath owned by Zanis and Spear Stike belonging to Yun Zhao. Both made the leap, landing a powerful physical attack on the enemy in the distance. If the enemy is hit by this attack, they will receive a slow effect.

Both do have two similar skills. Unfortunately Zanis still has the ability under Yun Zhao. Despite having a greater passive skill, Zanis lacks disable skills. In contrast to Yun Zhao who has Spear Flick as a lethal disable ability.

2Krixi and Nana
Hero Mobile Arena

Switching to another Mobile Arena hero is Krixi, the fairy also has a resemblance to Nana from Mobile Legend. They both did not have a resemblance in form. Krixi is a beautiful forest fairy while Nana is a half-animal tangle (called the Feline race). But they have two similar skills!

If Krixi has the ability to fire a fairy aura named Mischief, then Nana has the same shot capability that is Boomerang! Both are magic-based attacks, firing a projectile forward and then returning to the player. This skill is very suitable for nuke and farm.

In addition, there is one other skill that also owned both the Nature’s Wrath Krixi and Dragon Cat Summons owned by Nana. The skill is AOE-based, targeting a magic attack, which will explode after a few seconds. When it explodes, all the enemies in the magic circle will be hit and damaged in the air. It is a very good disable area skill for teamfight.

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