5 Design Hero Mobile Arena It’s Like Hero Design of Heroes of Newerth

By | June 23, 2017

As a MOBA game for mobile, Mobile Arena is one of the best graphics game. Although in Indonesia alone, the choice of hero provided is still a little, this game is able to attract public attention. But do you know, that some of the design of the existing Mobile Arena hero to this day is similar to the hero design of another MOBA game, Heroes of Newerth (HON), which has also been on the rise in Indonesia?

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Heroes of Newerth itself entered in Indonesia since 2008-2009. Because the game is quite successful, eventually this game was officially released by Garena in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. A coincidence also Mobile Arena is also released by Garena, so that both look matching each other.

In the world of MOBA, the similarity of a hero is commonplace. Of course Tencent Games as a developer of Mobile Arena is also inspired from the existing MOBA game. They also have the experience, come to develop League of Legends, the best-selling MOBA game in the world.

Here are some designs of the Mobile Arena hero that are similar to the heroes of Heroes of Newerth:

1Omega and Lodestone
Design of Mobile Arena’s hero

The first Mobile Arena hero design that I will discuss is Omega, one of the live mecha who plays a tanker in this game. Seen from its form, Omega is a live android that has giant drill weapons and carries large shields. Because his weapons and shields are large enough, Omega is able to bounce an opponent or give a stun!

Omega also runs using a separate steel sphere that rolls under its body. Apparently he uses electricity, maybe a magnet to combine parts of his body. Of course with his body all of steel, enemy weapons will not work through his defenses.

From the design, Omega looks very cool is not it? It’s just that before Omega shows up, there’s a very similar hero design to Lodestone of Heroes of Newearth. Just like the Omega, Lodestone is a steel Golem made of the magenetic forces created by Dr. Repulsor!

Lodestone had a giant drill main gun mounted in his right hand and also a shield attached to his left hand. Very similar to Omega is not it? One of their two skills is also similar to Crash Mode (Omega) and Head Smash (Lodestone), a blow from both of them this makes the enemy stun!

2Gildur and Midas
Design of Mobile Arena’s hero

Gildur is a character whose design was adapted from the king of Midas from Greek mythology. This king is told to have the ability to make whatever he touch turns into gold. Just like Gildur, he also has the ability to memamipulasi gold. One of his skills is called “The Touch” which leads to Midas’s “Golden Touch.”

The design of Mobile Arena’s hero who is able to control this gold is a muscular old man. He has long white hair and golden crown, he also has a mustache and a long beard. His body is protected only by old Greek clothes and also armor that protects his shoulders. Since Gildur is a close-range fighter, he is also equipped by a protective arm in both his hands.

This Gildur design is very similar to the Midas character of Heroes of Newerth which is also inspired by the king of Midas. No different from Gildur, Midas is also depicted as a muscular old man, who has long white hair, beard and mustache. Both also have the same equipment and clothing!

Both heroes also have the same skills that are Extravagant (Gildur) and Lion’s Pride (Midas). Both are long-range skills, shooting the gold energy of a lion’s head. If exposed to an enemy, they will receive a magic attack and stun (for Midas, the enemy who is attacked by his magic becomes a statue)!

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