Xiaomi may boast Mi6, but OnePlus has 8GB of RAM Smartphone!

By | June 23, 2017

The competition of the Bamboo Curtain smartphone seems much hotter in its own country than in the global market. How come? While a vendor offers camera capabilities with dual lenses, other vendors that grow on the same ground seem to offer devices with very large RAM sizes.

The hot competition takes place between Xiaomi and OnePlus. As we all know, the Mi6 is a stunning Chinese device with a double camera on the back. However, the sparkle does not seem to be long since OnePlus will soon be introducing OnePlus 5 as the first device to carry 8GB of RAM.

Screenshot About page of the suspected smartphone is OnePlus 5
The specification of OnePlus 5 is known after a screenshot of the About page of a smartphone suspected of being a flagship OnePlus this year. In the screenshot clearly visible that perangat equipped with 8GB of RAM. RAM size is what makes a scene cyberspace.

Another information that can be drawn from a screenshot that is suspected to belong to OnePlus 5 is the size of internal memory that diembannya. 8GB of RAM from this OnePlus smartphone will be accompanied by 128GB of internal memory. The other specs are believed to be immersed into the device is a 5.5 inch QHD screen, and the latest chipset output Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835.

Not yet Sold, Apparently Already Discovered What Is The Lack Of Xiaomi Mi6
Not yet sold, ordering Xiaomi Mi6 has penetrated hundreds of thousands of units! Before you decide to buy it, it’s good to know one of these shortcomings first, before it’s too late and regret later.
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With these specifications, it is not wrong if the brand is predicted to re-occupy the position of champion as a smartphone manufacturer who managed to create the strongest device in 2017. If last year through OnePlus 3T, then this year’s OnePlus 5 which became the company’s power of origin Panda Country.

OnePlus teaser, believed to be the sign of OnePlus 5
Through their Weibo account, OnePlus is also a bit tempting the loyal devotee of his device by launching an image labeled “Hello 5”. Along with the image he uploaded, OnePlus wrote a caption that warmed the atmosphere, “Hey Summer! Give me five! “. Thus, their fifth device will certainly be present in the summer, or around July – June in 2017.

If true OnePlus 5 will carry a more vivid specification of Xiaomi Mi6, for example just like carrying dual camera lens in front and behind it, and also 8GB RAM, whether this device will dominate the smartphone market competition? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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