Virus Data Thief, Xavier, Signed into Android!

By | June 24, 2017

Although Google does update regularly for the Android operating system, still the security on the OS this one is still a question mark. The reason is bad news back sticking out for the operating system on this one: Xavier data thieves virus has entered into Android.

Once open the way for every application developer to Android make every Android user should be more vigilant. The most feared here of course is the Play Store as a repository of these applications. Although the Play Store is an application created by Google, it turns out there has been malware that made it into it.

Based on information released by a Tren Micro antivirus company, the malicious malware has the name Xavier. The bad news again is, Xavier program has been installed more than 800 applications that have been circulating for free in the Google Play Store.

As reported from the Phone Arena page, (19/06/2017), antivirus company Trend Micro said that the applications that have been inserted by the malware has been downloaded as many as millions of times. Although Trend Micro issued this statement, but Trend Micro did not reinforce it by releasing any applications that have been tampered with the malicious program.


Little information about Xavier himself, this program is a place like a warehouse of ads that exist in mobile devices. This program is usually installed on free applications by developers to earn money. During this time actually Xavier can be fairly safe. But there is some evidence lately if this application turned into a program that is very complicated and dangerous for users.

Even more terrible, there is one security researcher from Tren Micro who reveals that Xavier is an undetected malicious program of detection devices. In addition the program can also be executed remotely by using code. Worse yet, this program can be used to steal data and information from every smartphone that has been infected.

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Xavier is able to steal data such as: e-mail address, identity of mobile device, model, operating system, address of device, manufacturer, operator of SIM card, and even any application installed on the phone.

The last surprising facts revealed by researchers from Tren Micro is the countries most often infected with malware are the countries that exist in Southeast Asia. Some of these countries are Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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