This One Pikachu Charger is Funny, But Controversial!

By | June 24, 2017

Who does not know the icon from Pokemon? Who else if not Pikachu itself. So many fans, to the extent that Pikachu charger made. Looks funny is not it? But there’s something odd …

Pikachu is indeed a funny, cute, adorable Pokemon, and anything you can call him. To the extent there are many Pokemon fans who make Pikachu as their favorite Pokemon. So, no wonder if one of the Chinese companies to create a charger Pikachu.

This charger has a charger function in general that is to charge and power from the smartphone you have-in this case is the iPhone. The shape of the charger head itself has the same shape as Pikachu in general (with the ear used as a place to connect to the switch). Coupled with Pikachu as this type of electric Pokemon makes it suitable as a charger.

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Yes, although some consider this as something funny, but I think some parents will forbid their son to use this funny charger. But of course it’s just a matter of perspective.

Apparently this product has been circulating everywhere. On Ebay, this charger is sold for $ 17.99 or about Rp240 thousand. Unfortunately in Indonesia have not seen any distributors who sell this funny Pikachu charger (or ridiculous this).

Charger Pikachu

Pokemon popularity does not have a death. Since the first release for Gameboy in 1996 titled Pokemon Red and Green, the game series captures this cute monster named one of the world’s best-selling franchises with a total of 280 million copies sold worldwide.

I think, with the presence of this Pikachu charger Pokemon name will be more famous and the profits will be increasing (although apparently this charger is not the official output of The POkemon Company).

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