Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: Smart Hours for Everyday Multifunctional

By | June 24, 2017

In recent years, the presence of smart devices is increasingly prevalent in the market. These clever devices have the ability to make our daily life easier. Starting from smart-charger, smart-lamp, and do not forget also smartwatch. Speaking of smartwatch, some people may still be wondering about how big the value of this object is or how important it is to buy a smartwatch.

Of course the value problem for smartwatch also remember the price of this object is not exactly cheap. On this occasion, team got a chance to taste the smartwatch Samsung Gear S3, curious how this smartwatch can help our daily life? Let’s see the following Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review:


To start the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review, let us refer to the hardware first. Apparently, this Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch looks very elegant, sporty, and masculine. Unfortunately the shape of this watch is too masculine, so make this clock may not be suitable if made as part of fashion items complementary appearance for the women. In addition, the congenital clock strap that only made from rubber alone, may make you who buy this watch feels quite annoyed considering the price of this watch is not bad.

Although at first glance looks like a clock in general, but there are some things that differentiate Samsung Gear S3 with watches in general. Watches have a body that is thick enough, exactly 1.29 cm, the weight is also quite heavy compared to the typical watch, which is 69 grams. With these weights and dimensions, my small handedness feels this watch is quite a wedge when it was first used. It took some time to adjust, until finally felt comfortable using this watch.

To navigate, this watch provides two buttons and one dial on the front of the watch. One back button, one home button to return to watchface, and dial to navigate up and down, or left-right. In addition, of course, this smartwatch uses a touchscreen system if you do not want to navigate using the physical buttons that exist in the clock.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 3

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier using Super AMOLED screen of 1.3 Inch round shape. Spherical shape of the screen, making this watch is very convenient to see the watchface. Even so, the round screen was also still feel comfortable to see other content that is on the clock like notifications, news content, or weather forecast.

Smartwatch besutan samsung equipped with mic also speakers. After I tried it a bit, it turns out the mic and speakers can be said to work well for everyday life. If you’re lazy to take your saved smartphone, you can answer the phone from smartwatch and just talk to your watch. Though it may make you look like you’re receiving a call from Power Rangers headquarters, but the idea of ​​adding mic and speakers to the smartwatch does not seem like a bad idea.


Review Samsung Gear S3 Frontier continues into the software side. This smart watch uses an operating system developed by Samsung itself called Tizen OS. The use of this Tizen operating system can be an added value on the one hand, but also a drawback on the other. Perhaps the added value of using this Tizen OS is Gear S3 so no need to fear not goto update, because the operating system developed by Samsung itself. viral-orchitis gadget-under-20.

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