Not yet Sold, Apparently Already Discovered What Is The Lack Of Xiaomi Mi6

By | June 24, 2017

Xiaomi officially launched their latest flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi6, Wednesday, April 19, 2017 ago. One of the new features introduced is the rear-side design that curves on all four sides, and some even use ceramic materials, which are believed to be stronger and more classy materials than plastic or metal. Is it true?

It does not seem so. Just as Xiaomi Mi Mix uses ceramic materials that are believed to be stronger and anti-crooked (Xiaomi Mi5 was once known as a fragile smartphone because it is easily bended), there is one variant of Xiaomi Mi6 that uses ceramic materials. We do not doubt the durability of the material. But for other variants, which use a combination of metal and glass, has emerged a photo Xiaomi Mi6 blue color back side crack lengthened uploaded through social media account Weibo.

Lack of Xiaomi Mi6

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It is unknown what caused the back of Android Xiaomi was hurt, but with the fact that the layer of glass that he used to make it look luxurious and beautiful, at the same time, not as strong as ceramic or metal, it should be a hard collision can make it break instantly. Yup, this photo says a lot, because it at once reveals one of the deficiencies of Xiaomi Mi6.

Silver color will be limited color. Hopefully the price will not soar later …

With mirror-like surface, it seems very suitable for female users.
Xiaomi Mi6 itself is offered in four color choices. Black, Blue, White and Silver. The ceramic variant is believed to have the most sturdy casing, will be available in black only, as in the Xiaomi Mi5. While the silver color variant, a new color that is used Xiaomi, and looks charming because the surface is so reflective. That’s why Xiaomi Mi6 silver color is multifunctional, and later you can use as a mirror.

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The process that will give a touch of mirror to the Xiaomi Mi6 silver color is reportedly very sensitive, and requires a vacuum clean from dust or other small dirt during coating the surface with a layer of ultra reflective silver color. Even according to Xiaomi, just a speck of dust alone can make a whole mess of the series of coloring process.

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