Dobby Drone Review: Tiny Drones Great Capabilities

By | June 24, 2017

Dobby Drone is one of the products from Zerotech which some time ago officially released. Now, we from have tested this product and will give you the result of his review.

Sebgai one of the products that have not been known by the time, Dobby Drone is the name of the type of drone issued by the Chinese company has been distributed starting early April yesterday. We from team have a chance to test this drone directly. Here is our review:

Dobby Drone

Dobby Drone is a small pocket drone whose main purpose is to do selfie or wefie. You can hold this drone with one-handed hand as holding a smartphone.

Zerotech is designing Dobby in such a way as to fit into pants pockets. Therefore it is not surprising if you do not need to use selfie stick or tongsis to do selfie / wefie, please deh now it’s the modern era.

Believe it or not, Dobby uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a processor used on many flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi Mi 6. Dobby comes with Quad Core 2.3 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, Adreno330 GPU, and with 970mAh battery.

This drone has a unique control system. You will not get a remote control or other tools to move it. Yes, you just simply use the smartphone to fly it as high as 100 meters maximum.

By downloading the Do.Fun app on the Play Store or the App Store, you can already get access to move this tool. Just connect your Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone to Wi-Fi that already exists in Dobby Drone. The default password is “zerotech”.

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But you have to remember, this is not a race drone, yes. So control with caution, if you can push a little bit just do not hold while because if the drone fly to a direction quickly it will be more difficult to control.


The camera used in this drone has a 28mm lens size with a 75 degree viewing angle. In addition Image Sensor 1 / 3.06 inches with 13 million effective pixels. Although small, do not underestimate its ability because for photos can produce a resolution of 4208 × 3120. Sedang to record video you can record with a resolution of 4K.

We were surprised because the photo produced by Dobby is very bad and broke when viewed in the application Do.Fun and not all photos stored. It turned out that the photos and videos we captured are stored in the device’s memory directly so we have to connect Dobby with the laptop. As a result, the images and videos are very satisfying. Here are the pictures and video recordings:

4 Battery
Dobby Drone

The only drawback we can get from this device is the battery. Yes, the battery from Dobby Drone is very wasteful. Although the battery from Dobby has 970mAh capacity, but only 25 minutes the battery has shown 10-20% so it makes us afraid to fly it.

We recommend that you have a spare battery when you want to play and do selfie / wefie with this little drone. Because you will not be satisfied with just one battery.


Overall, Dobby Drone is great for doing selfie / wefie in unreachable places. Its sleek body also makes it very easy to carry and not troublesome. But the drawback we get is to control it. You must be very careful not to fall, especially with the fact that many Indonesians do not understand how to control it.

In addition, because the price is nudged 6 million, then do not make this tool as a basic requirement, unless you are a hobby walking or traveling and want to capture the beautiful moments with the camera position on top (which we think is very rare and worth it).

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