Computex 2017 – MSI, Virtual Reality, and Kedigdayaan PC Desktop Today

By | June 24, 2017

The author spends most of his time traveling around the MSI booth (Micro Star International) during Computex 2017 to find out what line of products this exhibition is showing here, as this is the second time the author visits Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. Year 2016 MSI kicked off by showing sneakpeek a computer shaped like a compact backpack but presents an unparalleled experience of virtua reality.

And this time the MSI is still armed with things that are not much different from last year, but with the technological polish that progressed and deep. Various high-tech computer lines of various shapes and forms exhibited there, some of which are so interesting, while others no less captivating.

MSI stole the attention of the visitors on the mat Computex 2017 through various things, the first can be called clear through its various attractions VR is now not just for fun shooting enemies, visitors can try speeding with high speed racing cars, or adrenaline rush through roller coaster VR That special. Not stopping there, a row of super-power pc shaped the size of a book that is not too thick also decorate their display desk.

Computex 2017 Computex 2017

Their line of gaming notebooks is also no less impressive, after the previous day introduced 3 new champions at Humble House Taipei, now they invite the visitors to explore through Computex 2017 as what kedigdayaan GT75VR Titan, GE63VR / 73Vr Raider, and GS63VR / 73VR Stealth Pro. Various heavyweight games have been prepared to test this class of gahar gahar notebook.


And here’s the details of the product line that is being championed MSI during Computex 2017:

GT75VR Titan

Computex 2017 Computex 2017

This is a superior product that is exhibited by MSI on the mat Computex 2017, GT75VR Titan is a refinement of all series of gaming notebooks ever poor across the MSI. A full-fledged gaming notebook with high-class specifications built into it. As a differentiator with other gaming notebook series, a RGB mechanical keyboard and Rapid Trigger Switch Steelseries are embedded as GTRoVR Titan identity. Cooler Boost Titan cooling system, True Color 2.0, Nahimic VR, 120Hz display and HDR support for gaming and video editing, and Dragon Center to support the GT75VR Titan that makes your gaming experience different.


Computex 2017 Computex 2017 Computex 2017 Computex 2017

VR engines always have their own charms, including this one, was first introduced during a visit to MSI Headquarters 2016 ago, VR One always be the main attraction when looking at. Its sleek, futuristic yet elegant design makes the VR One its own star among other VR engines. Powered by the latest 7th generation Intel processor, GeForceĀ® GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 graphics card with desktop performance, Cooler Boost Titan technology, and a myriad other cool features will make your VR experience unforgettable.

Computex 2017 – MSI Introduces the New Super Gaming Notebook Line !!
Bringing GT75VR Titan seems to ordain back MSI as one of the leaders in the world’s gaming notebook brand, with a myriad of excellent features, the GT75VR Titan is poised to become a pioneer of today’s cool and tough gaming notebooks.

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