Cheap Mobile Phone Nokia 105 And 130 Born Again

By | August 1, 2017

After a great success with the release of Nokia 3310 reborn, HMD Global re-released the latest feature phone with the old name. Namely the new version of Nokia 105 and 130 where both are priced at affordable prices. On this occasion Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 comes with the latest version to meet the needs of modern society this era.

Nokia 105 and 130 edition of 2017 is present in a sleek and compact oval designs. Nokia 105 and 130 promise skill on battery life. Maybe a bit like the Nokia 3310 reborn, which also invites the previous Nokia fans to re-nostalgia. Looks like HMD Global still wants to keep people enthusiastic with the re-release of legendary phones.
The Nokia 105 uses a battery capacity of 800 mAh for a 1.8-inch screen size. The battery is claimed to hold up to 15 hours to call and about 30 days in a stand-by state. HMD offers a large keypad on the Nokia 105 for easy typing. In addition there is a 4 MB ROM that can store short messages up to 500 and contacts up to 2,000. There is also FM Radio feature for you who like to listen to radio. Also given are a number of games, namely Snake Xenia, Doodle Jump and Crossy Road. Nokia 105 is not equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

For Nokia 105 alone released for USD 14.50 or approximately USD 193 thousand. Warnay offered include blue, white and black.

The Nokia 130 also has a 1.8 inch screen, but it has a larger battery with a capacity of 1,020 mAh. With such a large battery capacity, this can be used to play 11.5 hours of video, 44 ​​hours using FM radio with headset, and 30 days in stand-by condition in one charger. Nokia 130 has 8 GB ROM equipped with FM Radio feature, music player, bluetooth connection and MicroSD slot that supports up to 32 GB of memory.

Nokia 130 comes in a choice of red, black and green. Interestingly there is an option for single and dual SIM. HMD party sells this phone for USD 21.50 or about Rp 287 thousand.

Not yet clear whether they will go to Indonesia or not. Same as Nokia 3310, although not officially sold in Indonesia. There are still many people who can have it, even with a higher price. Are you interested?