Cheap Mobile Phone Nokia 105 And 130 Born Again

After a great success with the release of Nokia 3310 reborn, HMD Global re-released the latest feature phone with the old name. Namely the new version of Nokia 105 and 130 where both are priced at affordable prices. On this occasion Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 comes with the latest version to meet the needs… Read More »

Apple Officially Stops Ipod Nano And Ipod Shuffle

Ipod Nano and Ipod Shuffle are no longer found on Apple’s online store site. Through electronic mail, an Apple spokesman confirmed that the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano has been discontinued sales. Both of these products are now still more can be purchased from other retailers. However, the availability of iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano… Read More »

Microsoft Halted Its Support Against Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft finally officially discontinued its support for Windows Phone 8.1, after more than three years the company introduced its latest update. With the end of this support, it means marking the end of Windows Phone era, and there are still millions of devices running this operating system. AdDuplex estimates that nearly 80 percent of all… Read More »

Wrong Game In The World

 This one game. The game developed by Red Barrelsini developer named “Out last”, most of you probably have never heard of the name of this one developer. No wonder indeed, when considering Red Barrels is a newly developed independent game developer company. However, its status as a new developer company does not make it appear… Read More »

Strider Review: The Blue Ninja Revival!

Strider Hiryu is one of the most iconic ninja names in the gaming industry, this may be an indisputable fact, especially if you’ve tasted Capcom’s concoction game in the past. Born through the popularity of the era of the arcade of old, Hiryu’s action was once re-formulated to the home console platform with a style… Read More »

Flappy Bird Review: Mobile Game for Hardcore Gamers!

I wonder what makes a bird an attractive object to be exploited, especially in the gaming industry. One that is certain, concocting a little design on the side of colors and shapes, not a few casual and mobile games that managed to achieve tremendous success because of this format. One of the most valid examples?… Read More »

Game Review: The Warriors

This article will discuss about Game Review in terms of ‘root’ it ya. This paper also as the implementation of the task Introduction Softskill Game Technology. Immediately, the game that I will discuss here is the title: The game was originally for the PS2 (Playstation 2) platform but now it seems to have been created… Read More »

Pembersihan dan Mempercepat RAM pada Windows

Apakah komputer Anda lambat? Terpikirkan untuk meng-upgrade RAM? Sebelum Anda meng-upgrade RAM, tampaknya Anda harus mencoba untuk menjadi WinPoin memberi jalan saat ini. Ada beberapa hal yang harus dipertimbangkan sebelum upgrade RAM, tapi kali ini kita tidak akan berbicara tentang hal itu. Ada dua hal yang komputer Anda menjadi lambat, yang pertama karena masalah hardware… Read More »

Bagaimana Mengatasi file data tidak dapat copy paste

Bagaimana file data tidak dapat copy dan paste Untuk melanjutkan Ratool – Judul tutorial sebagai data file tidak dapat copy paste Flash atau sejenisnya yang sudah akrab untuk kawin. Karena akses regedit, memberikan perlindungan spesifik kata kunci (pada Windows XP), tapi bagaimana bisa lagi digunakan pada Windows 7, Vista dan Windows 8. Hal ini juga… Read More »

Menonaktifkan Windows Autoplay Demi Keamanan

Virus bisa datang dari mana saja, termasuk dari autoplay CD atau USB flash drive. Untuk menonaktifkan autoplay mungkin diperlukan. Tanpa Antivrus kuat, komputer atau laptop akan sangat rentan terhadap serangan virus. Ketahuilah bahwa mantan master kami sering menyarankan untuk menutup demi menyebarkan virus pencegahan dini autoplaymu pada laptop kita terutama dari USB flash drive atau… Read More »